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Stella Opal Sunburst Threaders

  • $84.00

Add a dash of glamour to your everyday style with these opal sunburst gold filled threader earrings.

Fiery glow of the opal and the sparkles of CZ give genuine warmth to this charm and make it a reminder of sunny days and good times. This opal sunburst will warm your heart up and add a glam touch to your outfit.

Choose the white opal for more neutral looks or the blue opal to make a statement.

Wear it with your favorite stackable necklace set, or make a set with the matching Stella charm.

    Earring style
    White Opal
    Blue Opal

    • 18K Gold Filled

    • Japanese Opals• Cubic Ziconias

    If you've never worn a pair of threaders before and aren't sure how to wear them, don't worry; it's simpler than it looks. The chain has a small bar at the end that helps you in threading it through your ear. Once the bar passes through your ear, hold it from the back and continue pulling until the U-shaped earwire is in your earlobe.

    We use the best of threaders that come with a U-shaped earwires attached. This ensures that your earrings always hang on the level and they don't slide out of your earlobes.

    Wearing threaders feels comfortable than it sounds!