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Aurora Freeform Opal Bracelet

  • $45.00

Eye candy!

In every opal jewelry piece you see a whispered secret of the cosmos. The play of colors is like a starry night, frozen in stone. It's a dance of lights, a kaleidoscope of dreams.
Fiery opal on a delicate gold chain - this is love at a first sight.

Wear it solo or combine with other bracelets. Made for layering pros as well as stacking newbies.

    * Please note that freeform opals are one-of-a-kind, so the stone you receive will have a slightly different shape and warmth of fire. We promise that opals look more beautiful in person than the pictures show.


    • 18K Gold Plated

    • This slider bead bracelet is stylish and easily fits on any wrist, from the tiniest wrist to a large bone. Say goodbye to tiny clasps, and never again rely on someone else to help you secure your bracelet.